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Trevi Museums



The collection, arranged in the former Monastery of St. Francis, founded in the 13th-century and repeatedly changed in the course of time, consists of two sections- the Museum of the City and Territory exhibiting archaeological finds and various objects documenting the history of Trevi, and the picture gallery keeping works of art dating from the 14th to the 18th-century. Items are displayed in the beautiful and nicely decorated cloister (17th-century) and church of St. Francis (first half of the 14th-century). Remarkable exhibits: Madonna with Child by Pinturicchio (1468), Coronation of the Virgin with Saints by Giovanni di Pietro also known as Lo Spagna (1522) and Assumption of the Virgin with Saints by Alessandro Turchi known as L'Orbetto.


Opening Times:


From October to March:
10,30am - 1pm and 2,30pm - 5pm
Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays
(closed on Christmas and New Year)

April, May and September
10,30am - 1pm and 2,30pm - 6pm
(Monday closed)

June and July
10,30am - 1pm and 3,30pm - 7pm
(Monday closed)

10,30am - 1pm and 3pm- 7,30pm
Open every day


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The museum is located in the old town centre of Torgiano, a small nucleus of medieval dwellings which were the premises of working oil mill functioning until few decades ago within the town walls.
The exhibition tour consists of 10 rooms, each of them providing the visitor with exhaustive information related to the botanical characteristics of the olive tree and the most common cultivars in Umbria as well as detailed information and documentation on the various techniques regarding the cultivation of the olive tree and the production of olive oil, including ancient traditional and avant-garde methods. In addition, a display of important archaeological finds recalls the mythological origin of the tree as well as the Hellenic world that has celebrated and immortalised it in a multitude of artistic and literary works; Oil as light is another fascinating subject of the Olive and Oil Museum focusing on the presence of oil in everyday life; further artefacts develop themes related to the use of olives, oil and their by-products in Western religions, nutrition, medicine, sports, cosmetics, mechanics and as type of fuel. Finally, a special section is dedicated to the popular uses of oil and the folklore related to it. Remarkable exhibits from the collection of oils lamps from the pre-Roman Age up until 19th-century: a 7th-century B.C. DaedalicLucerna Trilicne, a parade silver and blown glass oil lamp from Liguria (18th-century), and an Attic Alabastron by Pittore della Fonderia (5th-century B.C.). Also on display, a hydraulic oil press from Umbria (17th-18th-century).


Opening Times


9am - 1pm and 3pm - 7pm (Summer);
10am - 1pm and 3pm-6pm (Winter)

Admission charges: full price €. 3, concessions € 2, groups € 1.50





The Trevi Flash Art Museum was born in 1993 in Trevi, in the heart of medieval Italy, and is located in the 15th-century Palazzo Lucarini. The museum is the site of an important permanent collection of contemporary art. Conceived by Flash Art editor and publisher Giancarlo Politi, and the Town Council of Trevi, the Trevi Flash Art Museum is a unique experience in Italy and certainly rare in the world, and its presence makes this lovely Umbrian town — situated on a hill among the olive trees — a reference point for Italian contemporary art from the last several decades. This avant-garde oasis in the midst of medieval spirituality is not meant to be an alternative, but rather, with its high artistic values, an ideal accompaniment. Called the best museum in Europe by the prestigious German daily newspaper Frankfurt Allgemeine, the museum is composed of 13 rooms where works by contemporary masters are permanently exhibited, from abstract painting to conceptual art, from arte povera through transavanguardia and beyond. Examples of the most recent artistic expressions make the museum a constantly evolving laboratory for “work in progress.” Inside the museum there is an exhaustive bookshop that collects the most important publications published by Giancarlo Politi Editore, including the newly published catalogue of the museum’s permanent collection, with critical texts that contextualize every work.


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