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Trevi Churches

St. Emiliano's Church

S. EMILIANO's Church Named after the first bishop and martyr, and Patron Saint of the town, the actual building was almost entirely rebuilt in 1893 on Neo-classical lines with echoes of the 1400s after a plan by Carimini.
All that remain from earlier churches are the three beautiful apses (XIcent),the delicately sculptured portal (XVc.) and the Altar of the Blessed Sacrament by Rocco da Vicenza (1522), and various XV and XVI cent. frescoes, a recently restored painted wooden crucifix, and two statues of St. Emiliano, one from the XVcent. and the one used in the processions (1751).

St. Francis's Church

S. FRANCIS's Church The church has been first built during the XIII century and completely renewed during the XIV century.
The abbey has been initiated by Francesco himself and than completely rebuilt. Inside there is a XIV century crucifix and an organ pipe dated back to 1509. The abbey hosts the S.Francesco Art Collection which includes XIV and XVII century paintings.


PIETRAROSSA's Church The church of S MARIA di PIETRAROSSA is to be found in the centre of a much neglected ARCHEOLOGICAL SITE perhaps originally part of a spa or thermal springs. Here, there are Roman remains and numerous 15thC. paintings.

Madonna delle Lacrime

MADONNA delle LACRIME's Church OUR LADY OF TEARS half way down the road to Borgo is an imposing Renaissance temple built on the site where a Madonna painting shed blood-stained tears. The elegant portal (1495 ) is by Giovanni di Giampetro da Venezia. Inside are to be found frescoes altars by Spagna (1520) and Perugino (1521),also the Valenti family tombs. For visits apply to the adjacent Istituto mons. Bonilli.

St. Martino's Church


St. MARTINO's Church XV century church with important frescos by the Umbria school artists Tiberio D’Assisi, Mezzastris and Io Spagna.

In the abbey refectory is The Last Supper (l'Ultima Cena - 1601). The cloister is decorated by Ascensidonio Spacca.

St. Pietro di Bovara's Church

St. PIETRO DI BOVARA's CHURCH XII century church. Founded by benedettini. Inside we can found a precious wooden crucifix (XII century) and some of the paintings of that period can be found inside the sacristy.

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